When I Spoke to the Sky;
My journey to love ends in you!
He covered me from all over
Went into hiding behind a moon, stars, rainbows,
clouds,…never showed his real face!

When I told the wind;
I dreamt of being with you!
A robust companion, I see in you.
He scattered me all over
Taking all my strength away

When I confessed to the Sun;
You’re the light of my love!
He evaporated all my dreams,
Burning away all my desires.

When I went to the river
Offered my heart in love
She washed me away with her flow
Taking me away from my roots.

And when I touched the earth in love;
Opened my heart and soul to her.
She embraced me with all her strength
Nurturing me from my roots
Gave me a whole sky to grow
A shower of rain for my thirst
A gentle breeze to join me in the eternal dance
And Sun came to me
Offering an eternal bond of love!
– Nehal

Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2017, Nehal

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