A drifting Log



Like a drifting log

Flows forward, downstream

Rocks and stones on the shore

Push it, detour it, force it to pause

Make it whirl and dance in the

Gushing currents!

Why call it a journey!

Why contemplate destination!

Many such drifting logs

Flow along the way

Clashing, chasing, parting away


The baggage that the river loads them


and the same river unloads it all!

A singing bird may enjoy a ride or two

But it doesn’t dream of nests on a log.

Change is the moving force.

Though the sky sets up mornings and evenings,

spring, summer and autumn along the way

For a Log

flow is the time

and current is the season.

Ocean; may be an end to the journey

for a river,

But not for a log!!


Author: nehal

Physician by profession, I like to spend my spare time reading literature and philosophy, getting to know different cultures and exploring various forms of creative expressions,..paintings,music, photography, cinema, theatre, sculpture and of course poetry. I usually write in my mother tongue Gujarati and sometimes in Hindi and English. Nehal’s world is at the crossroads of my inner and outer worlds, hope you like the journey…

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