Forgotten Sand Castles

I return back to my childhood, every time I walk on the beach!
This beautiful poem gently evokes child within us!

7 thoughts on “Forgotten Sand Castles

  1. Is it necessary that the child has to look for something while walking on the beach? Perhaps he is just savouring the beauty, the ambience and the water. To walk without purpose is also an endlessly pleasant activity. Most activities of children are pleasantly purposeless. The painful tag of purpose gets attached as they grow.

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    1. True! Child represents curiosity, passion for adventure, energy to explore and joy of being! Here poet ( as we) wonders about that endless, purposeless running in sense of admiration!


      1. Dear Dr. Nehal,

        I enjoy reading your blog. My gratitude to you for allowing us a peep into your mind and heart.



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