Beautiful thought !

Ellie belfiglio

12670041_10201422004707604_2682909475033021925_n… Tangled vines on the ivy grow-

Intricately vast-

Twined around-

As if afraid to let go!

… When one breaks loose from-

Its tongued tangle home-

It spouts forth a leaf growing-

In its own existence-

At last free to roam…

windflower… Let us learn by watching nature unfold-

For as in all living things.

We too have our time to be-

Knurled and knotted-

We must let go.

Only then can we find the

Freedom to grow-

To be who we are!

Let our stories to be told!! …




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Shot by a Stranger — On Art and Aesthetics

I found this article intriguing, I want to congratulate French-Spanish artist Gonzalo for thinking of such a project.  We all are lonely in our own cocoon  despite of our crowded social life online!!


Google “millennials” and “loneliness” and you will find a flood of articles. Our generation is rich in virtual connections, poor in concrete companionship. Since 2011, French-Spanish artist Gonzalo Bénard (born in 1969 in Lisbon, Portugal) has been working on a photographic project called “B Shot by a Stranger”, which he hopes will be the subject […]

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When Poets Climb Another Mountain

I love and admire all his beautiful posts! It gives me my daily dose of positivity! This poem is a gentle reminder ” don’t forget to live the wonderful moments that life offers you on your way…..words will follow automatically”

Ancient Skies


When poets climb another mountain in order to set themselves free,

to be moved, to be filled with the words again,

there is always the danger we will not see

the meaning of the streams, the beauty,

the wonder of what was made.

May we seek to be refreshed

with a strong spirit of peace

before we start giving

the words away.


The words are only a gift, from the treasures

we’ve been given.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

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November Rain — Poet’s Corner

Beautifully written! Pain delicately expressed fills my heart with the sound of those bells and rain!



Back when we spent days chasing raindrops and ink seeking warmth in each other’s arms summer passed in just a blink playing dive bars, writing our own memoirs you told a story with just one wink

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summer leaves- TETIANA ALEKSINA

beautiful! Marvellous!

unbolt me

are full of ticketless birds
the summer speeds past
dropping onto my doorstep
an expired crumpled green leaf

© All rights reserved 2016

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One of my favourite blogs and I truly admire her …


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you…

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time for another coffee…

Another round of coffees?… Each week my daughter and I meet my grandparents in a cafe. It’s a little one with darkened corners and wooden tabletops. A cafe with a heart, and dependable …

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Esoteric Enchantress

I follow this blog for their beautiful and positive approach towards healing! It’s a great initiative and I hope you’d like to know about it.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Jaeda DeWalt, a conceptual self-portrait artist in her forties from Seattle, Washington. Her battles with mental illness hearken back to her earliest memories, at age four, when she became obsessed with the number four and performed exhaustive rituals in patterns of four. During her teen years, she began noticing extreme mood swings, manic one moment and depressed the next, and in her late 20′s she finally sought treatment and was diagnosed with Bipolar, OCD, Anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD from the trauma of being sexually abused as a child into her young adult years. Her life was filled with self-destructive coping methods until she went full force into creating, in her mid-twenties. The process of creating and putting herself in front of the camera felt cathartic, liberating and healing. The photographic medium opened up a new world to her and ignited a kind of passion within that she didn’t even know she was capable of experiencing. She has been on an ever-evolving, healing…

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His poems are the masterclass in poetry! I love to read them always, I learn a lot!

Poesy plus Polemics




fingers of poets
play nimbly through
tangles of language
pluck warp and weft
neatly metered to clacks
of the beater board
yielding a tapestry
slowly sequentially
tiny but truthful
colors enriched by deep
pigments of mind

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If You Don’t Sing

Let’s add a little bit of beauty, peace in this world, today!

Ancient Skies


If you don’t sing very well, try painting or photography

or a poem about a sunset, the world really needs you right now,

and you are the only one that can share

what you have inside.

So share the flowers

you have hidden

in your heart.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

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