A page from an old diary!



Starting something different on my blog! A page or two from my old writings! While I was spring-cleaning my book shelves I found few notebooks of mine, lying in a corner, unnoticed! I went through my old writings and some of them were really interesting; so here I am, sharing them with you! Hope you like it!
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Why I always seek continuity ( in a person, in a relationship)?Why we always save impressions from the past?Why can’t we meet a person in his/her and our “today”? Why we insist on continuing from where we have left? In deep recesses of our mind we store those images, indelible; how can we free ourselves from those images? Those very images are the reason that generates expectations! Unmet expectations create conflict!!
-Nehal (1991)

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હું સાતત્ય કેમ ઝંખું છું, ઈચ્છું છું? ભૂતકાળની છાપ શા માટે મનમાં સાચવવાની? પ્રત્યેક વ્યક્તિને તેની અને આપણી આજમાં જ કેમ નહીં મળવાનું? આગળનું સાતત્ય શા માટે જાળવવાનો આગ્રહ? એ અમીટ છાપ મનના ખૂણામાં સચવાઈ રહે છે; તેનાથી મુક્ત શી રીતે થવું? એ છાપ જ છે જે અપેક્ષાઓ જન્માવે છે, તે ન સંતોષાતા ઘર્ષણ જન્માવે છે!!
– નેહલ ( 1991)

I found this piece of writing thought provoking. Whenever we meet someone, we like to start from the last communication we have had. We have a habit of collecting snap-shots, images of the moments we spend with anyone! On the basis of that we create a persona in our minds, which may or may not be the same as the individual we meet! People move on, they grow, evolve as an individual and we hold on to our old perceptions!? Be it in a close relationship or in a friendship; our mind starts creating likes and dislikes, affinity and aversion towards that person! We love to build up our emotions and expectations on that! The inevitable outcome is; those expectations are never met the way we want,it creates disharmony and conflict. Living in the moment, meeting them with fresh mind set, keeping a space for growth for us and the opposite person can keep any relationship lively and growing strong with each passing day!

What do you think? What is your experience? would love to hear from you,..
-Nehal (now 🙂 )