Better late than… It’s 7 years!

On the other side of the Rainbow…

All my landscapes were grey
With my eyes full of tears
I looked at you
Rays of your sunshine smile
Falling gently on each of them
And see the magic
Me, my being...drenched in
Raining rainbows!
~ Nehal

This time it took longer than usual for me to write this post about celebration of 7 years of blogging. I am amazed the speed at which time is flying by!

This blog was started when I was struggling to fill a huge void in my life, totally clueless about the ‘how and why’!

I have been avid reader since childhood but becoming a writer at any point in my life was never a conscious carrier path. Without much deliberation I just plunged into this bloggers world and it has enriched me much more than I could have ever imagined.

I have taken this picture from FB and I liked it so much. When I started sharing written works of other poets, initially my favourite ones and gradually all known & unknown, from all corners of the world, I realised something big. Though they all seem to write about similar things in their poetry…like people in this picture might be moving in same direction but when you observe their shadows closely, they all have very unique path and distinctive direction into which they are going. Similarly all poets have their unique way of expressing things and it takes us to their beautiful inner world, we have never imagined.

Thanks for being here!🌻💖

~ Nehal