Universe – Erin Hanson

I stumbled across a grain of truth,
In the suns last drops of light,
As I stood out in my garden,
And watched the fruit bats daily flight,
They moved as though united,
Their flapping wings a silent dance,
And as they flew above me,
I stood frozen in a trance,
Their flight conveyed such beauty,
But had no thoughts of who would see,
And I wondered if they realised,
How much I wished that could be me,
Then as I looked I noticed,
That my life was a dance too,
And I was connected to the world,
In ways I never even knew,
The heartbeat of the planet,
Keeps a steady, even beat,
That echoes in the ribcage,
Of every creature that we meet,
I now know it’s foolish thinking,
There’s just one thing I can be,
Because I am the universe,
And the universe is me.
– e.h