The Lake Is a Piano


The Lake Is a Piano
{ for Jude on her birthday]

the lake is a piano

as the sky whispers midnight
the odd-faced Moon walks in
in his white tie and tails
he sits down on the grassbound bank
removes his silver gloves and plays
with gentle ripples and a few pretty splashes
a silver sonata
for Jude with love.

the lake is a piano

goats streaming in the dawn
the chickens flowering into light
and a sweet white scattering of doves
as that old show-off Sun
smiles his way across
the green slopes of the stage
and his hot fingers
set the water boiling into waterspouts
and the wild fountain of
a golden concerto
for Jude with love

the lake is a piano

Evening enters in her evening dress
with starry ear-rings and a sighing breeze
and because the world’s so beautiful
she plays the blues
because the world’s so sad she makes it funny
and Evening sings a song that says
that love is all that ever mattered
and we all love you Jude
all night all day all evening
our love for you is like a lake
and you have all our love

Adrian Mitchell
From BLUE COFFEE [ POEMS 1985- 1996 ]