LIVE UPDATE : An Anthology of recent Marathi Poetry

Instructions during Mountain climbing

As we have to carry our own load
Only take essential things.
Come on, keep walking.

The path in front of us is narrow and steep
So tie each other with a rope
Climb slowly.

Water is precious
[And it is definitely precious]
Use it very carefully.

When the path is very slippery
Take care of each other.
You will come across
Wild beasts.
Don’t be scared.
In fact, they will be scared
Of our voices.

Walk with your feet firm and straight
It is not necessary that you
Have to attend only to the path in front of you
You can also enjoy
The nature surrounding you.
See how beautiful and different it is.

Feeling short of breath?
Legs are painful?
Don’t stop.
Don’t worry if you are slow.
Keep walking.
Don’t just sit there.
We have to cover a long distance.
you can eat and rest
to your hearts content.
Once we reach up there.
Keep walking.
————-Mohan Borse, translated by Sachin Ketkar

Like the texture

Like the texture
Of the canvas
Is our relation
Though the weaves
Are tightly interlaced, criss-cross
it hurts
Our fingers.
————–Amita Kokate , translated by Sachin Ketkar

Author: nehal

Physician by profession, I like to spend my spare time reading literature and philosophy, getting to know different cultures and exploring various forms of creative expressions,..paintings,music, photography, cinema, theatre, sculpture and of course poetry. I usually write in my mother tongue Gujarati and sometimes in Hindi and English. Nehal’s world is at the crossroads of my inner and outer worlds, hope you like the journey…

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