A Poem – Juan Ramon Jimenez



you are all in yourself, sea and yet
How much of you is not you, how lonely,
And forever far from yourself!
Open in a thousand wounds, each instant,
Like my forehead,
Like my thoughts your waves come and go,
And come and go,
Kissing withdrawing, sea,
In an eternal friendship,
And estrangement
You are you and do not know it,
your heart beats and it does not feel it…..
What a fulfilment of solitude,lonely sea!
Juan Ramon Jimenez ( 1881-1958)


Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881-1958) belonged to the group of writers who, in the wake of Spain’s loss of her colonies to the United States (1898), staged a literary revival.His early poetry was influenced by German Romanticism and French Symbolism. It is strongly visual and dominated by the colours yellow and green. His later style, decisive, formally ascetic, and dominated by white, emerges in the poetic prose of his delicate Platero y yo (Platero and I), 1914, and is fully developed in Diario de un poeta recién casado (Diary of a Newly-Wed Poet), 1917, written during a trip to the United States, as well as in Eternidades (Eternities), 1918, Piedra y cielo (Stone and Sky), 1919, Poesía (Poetry), 1923, and Belleza (Beauty), 1923. In the twenties, Ramón Jiménez became the acknowledged master of the new generation of poets. He was active as a critic as well as an editor of literary journals.Selections from most of his works were published in English translation in Selected Writings of Juan Ramón Jiménez and Three Hundred Poems, 1903-1953.He received Nobel prize in Literature in 1956.
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