The Flood : Michaella Mintcheff 

The Flood (English version)

A woman flooded her man.

It came about slowly.
One day he glanced at her. She seeped through his eyes, a drop at a time,
and in time she soaked his feet up to the ankles. Sitting in a thoughtful repose
in his armchair, the man didn’t notice. Later she changed course, entered
through his ears in a silver trickle which slowly filled his legs up to the knees.
He still hardly noticed. She came a little closer then. Unaware, he took a deep
breath and inhaled her in a quick stream, which flooded him up to the waist.
Surprised, he squirmed a bit, but, like a warm wave, a pleasant inner expansion
lifted his spirits. he laughed. In she gushed like a torrent through his open
mouth. Before he knew what happened his heart began hopping, skipping and
tumbling through the water.

The man became concerned, because, as we are told, men need to be much
more careful with their hearts than women. He tried hard to remember... at his
last checkup did the doctor recommend or did he advise against more liquids?
While he was still wondering, his heart sunk.

The water then streamed in peacefully, softly submerging his mouth, ears and
eyes and edging higher, toward the brain.
Fascinated, the man gave up figuring out the medical pros and cons of this
flooding. He sat back and watched as she permeated the last barrier - his
skin - and freely flowed in. He saw his thoughts hurriedly abandoning ship, and
he watched their fleeting reflections on the face of the water.

At a certain time there came to be nothing but the silence of water, splashing in
unknown, unexplored spaces, refracting sunlight into new, vast and mysterious
rising, ever so slowly,
ever higher.
~ Michaella Mintcheff 

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Michaella Mintcheff was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, escaped to finally grow up in the United States and is currently maturing in Hawaii. She is a professional linguist and translator and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.