Hello Readers,

After venturing into art, yoga, meditation, micro-greens, plants… I was looking for some activity which we ( me and my daughters) can do together as a team. Also it should be interesting, involving some creativity and the end result should give instant gratification! You know what I mean! Our culinary journey was one of them. The whole idea behind this was engage in something which requires some research, complete involvement and fun, loads and loads of fun. You can see below that we have succeeded most of the time, these are just few examples for display purpose. During that time we were totally confined in four walls and there was no question of going out for dinner, so it made lockdown bearable even at times felt like a vacation we never had before.😍

Eating all such high calorie dishes requires one to exercise regularly.😊 Initially we used to go down for evening walks, but later on I had to stop that due to two reasons first, with mask on it was not comfortable for me to do brisk walking and more and more people from our apartments have started to come down for a fresh air. We have a small jogging track, a smaller garden area and a cobbled pathway encircling that. So keeping safe social distance was becoming next to impossible. Since then I have started taking walk inside my house, luckily we have a long passage way where I can walk at a brisk pace and without mask. The best part was I started my audio books while walking. I finished ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari on audible app. Then I started ‘ Habits for Happiness’ by Dr Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy) and finished that too. I would like to recommend this audio book to all of you who are interested in this genre. These audio books are very good companions while walking, it’s like talking to yourself or thinking aloud. I am currently listening to ‘Habits for Action’ by Dr Tim Sharp. You can follow him on instagram @thehappinessinstitute.

Also during the same time I came across a beautiful book by Ryder Carroll ‘The Bullet Journal Method’. I did one small course online to learn about Bullet Journalling!! Though the concept is not a new one, you will see thousands of ideas on instagram and pinterest; what I enjoyed most is reading book by Mr Ryder Carroll; He has taken this beautiful activity to altogether a different level, his insights gave me a whole new perspective looking at my life. Goal setting, the 54321 way, the task list, the collection…. all these are not merely chapter titles or topics but each has it’s way of introspecting, what you want from your life? why? what are your priorities? why? It helped me negotiate my way through this pandemic. I think I should stop here, until next time,

Happy Reading 🥰