Hi everyone,

Learning a new hobby and nurturing it; is not merely distracting your mind away from current situation, but focusing and getting involved in something you love; allows you to distance yourself from all the negative things happening around you and you can examine them with more objectivity, calmness of mind.

I have been attending different art classes throughout last year, starting from June 2020, till today! And I am planning to continue it as long as I can. For every new class, new medium to work on I feel excited like a school child, who eagerly awaits to learn new things!

During the same period around July 2020, I enrolled in an on-line Yoga class and Meditation classes also!! I even completed ‘Inner Engineering’ workshop by Sadhguru, on-line! Yoga classes brought my body in healthy rhythm and meditation and ‘Inner Engineering’ workshop made me calm, organised, and focused.

Also I stumbled upon a ‘micro-greens at home’ workshop through a friend. After that workshop, the teacher; also taught us about how to convert organic waste from our home in to good quality compost which can be used for plants at home and also how to grow vegetables in the kitchen and balcony of our apartments.

For ‘microgreens’ I have used mustard seeds here. When you see tiny sprouts coming out of the soil, you witness a miracle happening right in front of your eyes! Those of you who are blessed with a house and some land to create a garden, or may be a small terrace or a patio/balcony can watch such magic unfolding everyday!

After microgreens next activity I started is nurturing indoor plants ( I don’t have a balcony 😞 ). But I feel proud that I could create one or two green corners inside my home.

Also I rearranged my study, my writing desk, my books, all my favourite things along with my lovely plants…! It has become my heaven, my go to place in my home. Just sitting there surrounded by such a beautiful arrangement my mood instantly brightens up. 🥰😍

I was the one who complained about not having enough time to do things I like…started doing so many things simultaneously. It’s not that my circumstances changed at home or on the personal front, but I got better equipped mentally to face those challenges.

Stay tuned….still more things to come!

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