Painting my Silver Linings…

Painting silver linings over my clouds!

Hello Readers,

It’s been almost a year, since the Covid-19 pandemic started and lockdown was imposed. Initially we all thought it may not last long and in 2-3 months’ time everything will be back to normal but it turned out to be totally different. Unlike our earlier SARS encounters, this one spread across the world like wild fire and continued to claim many lives. And as we are facing an even worse second wave in our country, it still continues to create fear, uncertainty, anger, frustration, insecurity, helplessness, and so on. All the possible negative emotions one can think of! And we all are together in this, more or less.

During this pandemic owing to my health issues, I had to stop working since April, last year. And then we lost someone in the family. So this added more negativity to my already deranged life. I was struggling with my daily chores (which were never ending!), my health issues and a feeling of not doing anything significant in my life. The only saving grace, was reading and writing for my blog.

On one such day, in the evening, I started learning pencil drawing from a free tutorial on the Youtube. It felt so good and I completed three to four such art works in one sitting! Later one of my friends suggested that I should start learning from a professional artist (whom she knew well) and thus began the beautiful journey of learning and losing myself in the world of lines, shapes, forms, colours, shades, hues, and tints!

Though initially attending a class was a great reward in itself but later on real challenges surfaced. Ordering and getting the right kind of material for my artwork; paper stumps or kneadable eraser, willow charcoal sticks and pencil, ‘Chitrapat’ paper and paints, brushes,…during lockdown it took few days to few weeks to get those things. But everything was worth the wait as I learned how to use each material for specific artwork! It’s not that I have become a great artist or I am creating awesome paintings, I have just started on a beautiful journey of exploring this world of lines and colours. And it is giving me so much positivity. After this I continued to explore so many new things…! And my art supplies, I believe are going to last for a life time but who is complaining, I feel enriched already!

To be continued…. 🙂 stay tuned! ❤

I completed classes for

  • pencil sketching,
  • pencil and charcoal portrait making,
  • watercolour landscape painting,
  • perspective drawing,
  • Soft pastel basics
  • colour theory and so on…. !