From the Books… (The power of Nunchi)

Nunchi (noon-chee ) : ‘eye measure’, or the subtle art of gauging other people’s thoughts and feelings to build harmony, trust and connection.

The unit of nunchi is the room.

It has its own ‘temperature’, ‘barometric pressure’, volume, mood–and these are in constant flux.

An intrinsic part of nunchi is the dimension of change: understand that everything is in flux.

First, empty your mind. Lose your preconceptions in order to observe with discernment.

An addiction to convenience is the enemy of nunchi.

Nunchi is a form of emotional intelligence.

The key to discernment is that all of the relevant factors have been considered dispassionately by the observer, before a decision is made.

Capacity for stillness and quiet is terribly important for good nunchi.

Nunchi is the ability to see what’s going on, based on non-verbal cues: facial gestures and body language being the big ones.

~ Euny Hong ( The power of Nunchi )