All my life
I have been in search of
An eternal beauty.
Why should  I seek it  imperishable??
Waves of the sea spread their
Frills and lace on the shore
Every time they rush out and in….
Foot steps on the desert sand
Create a beautiful pattern
Only to be taken away
By the wind the next moment.
Drops of rain on the window pane
They sing, they slide, dance
Perform an unforgettable
Opera in front of your eyes
May be lasting for a few minutes to hours.
Parijata* flowers drop down
Like fragrant stars
Just fresh in the morning
Wilted in a few hours.
Flying flock of birds
Perform acrobatics in the sky
Drawing unimaginable designs
On the canvas of the evening sky
And close their show in
Just a few minutes.
Who needs everlasting beauty
When there are beautiful moments
Hiding around you everywhere
All you have to do is, seek!

my poems © Copyright 2021 Nehal

Parijata* = commonly known as har–singhar in Hindi, Parijata in Sanskrit and night jasmine in English.

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