Daily Musings : 52 Nehal નેહલ

Digital artwork on Canva by Nehal

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    1. Let me receive my solitude
      The way Shivji ( Lord Shiva) received The Ganga when it arrived from the heaven in his long hair(jata)
      So that may my soul be the Lord Shiva.
      ( Let me be so receptive to my solitude that my humble soul be used for greater good)

      Meaning: The force of the river Ganga was so high that it required very powerful and strong person like Lord Shiva to catch it when she agreed to flow from heaven to the earth. So Lord Shiva spread his long hair, as he was a Yogi; and did not allow a single drop to fall. It’s a very interesting mythological story.

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  1. શ્રી જવાહર બક્ષીનો શેર યાદ આવે છે.

    નગરનો ઢોલ છું, દાંડી પીટો મને,
    આ ખાલીપણું તો કશા કામનું નથી.

    ખાલીપણું અને એકાંત – બેઉની સમીપતા તો જુઓ !!

    મજા ન પડે તો જ નવાઈ.

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