A poem : Claire Conroy

“Tell me, what else should I have done?”   

–  (This line is from a poem by Mary Oliver).

“Tell me, what else should I have done?”     

Not come that day?

Phone up and say ‘I am not well?’

And lie – not speak my truth that way?

But I did come!  . . . Though feeling grey

And you were gracious then and bid me stay.

I spoke my heart to you – and some –

Which, when I did

Drove you away.

Tell me, what else can I still do?

“Just stay and be with feeling – through and through.

It is the ‘being with’ that brings you through;

For here lies life and joy and loving too.”

Yes, I will stay –

In being – true

And know that ‘All is well’ between us, too;

That all of life is grounded deep and well,

That all ‘is Love’ just as the mystics tell.

~ Claire Conroy ( from her blog meditation )

(May 2011)