Six years of sharing what is ‘inmymindinmyheart’

I wanted to share with you all my feelings of gratitude as my blog completes six years. It is because of your visits, likes, comments I feel energised and inspired to continue further. Thanks a lot!


During this long journey of six years many times I have thought that I should post poems, ghazals, works which are popular, liked by many and what everyone would like to read. But the pages of the book of poetry speak the writers’ heart out and force me to share not so famous yet meaningful words. Most of the writers/poets I have read or I am still reading, have their creativity spread across a huge canvas, as big as this universe and restricting those creations to just a few popular poems is like doing injustice to their soul. When I read them I feel we are blessed by the universe that we can share their beautiful moments of creativity; we can visit those moments, get immersed in the flow of those words when visiting those creations. Those are the moments of pure truth, pure love, pure beauty, pure joy, pure pain…pouring into our lives through their words; the way they had entered the poet’s soul when they first wrote them.

This year I have started ‘Daily Musings’. The thought behind it is: We need air to breath, food and water to sustain our physical body similarly we need poetry to sustain our soul. Reading poetry should be an everyday affair and not scheduled for only certain days. On one of the blogs about Japan, I read about its tradition of the Haiku. They even have boxes at the train stations where people share their written words/Haikus just by putting them into those boxes. And then people read and appreciate them. Such a beautiful way of keeping touch with poetry. *Someone started a similar activity in the London Underground by writing works of famous poets on the walls of the compartments. A collection of those poems was later on published as a book. So, I hope you like reading those musings, please share your thoughts here freely, your suggestions are most welcome! 🙂 ❤

~ Nehal

*( New Poems on the Underground, Edited by Gerard Benson, Judith Chernaik, Cicely Herbert )

8 thoughts on “Six years of sharing what is ‘inmymindinmyheart’

  1. Nice work. It merely does not touch your soul but of us the readers also. And musings ? You have missed today’s. અરે ભાઈ આંગણે પ્રસંગ હોય તો પણ અમૂક રોજિંદા કામ અને પાછા અનિવાર્ય, ઇ તો કરવા જ પડે ને ! Any way nice blog and congratulations.

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    1. ખૂૂબ ખૂબ આભાર બ્લોગની વિઝીટ માટે અને ટકોર કરવા માટે! Thanks for your appreciation 🙂


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