I am here
In me, sometimes.
I speak
myself, sometimes.
I see in the mirror
My face, sometimes.
I walk on the grass
Of this planet,  sometimes.
I breath – in this earth
In my dreams, sometimes.
I float I fly
I rain
I sprout I grow
I fall
Like a star, sometimes.
I come I go
I touch the shores of life,
The words that I write I sing
I read I hear
Somewhere, from someone else
I live I die
I flow like a river or
Just be there and
Spread across the world
Like an ocean,

~ Nehal


4 thoughts on “Orientation : Nehal

  1. Two nehals. I went in search of nehal jain and found you nehal, instead and what a stroke of luck, I find her here.

    Nehal’s world is great. You see yourself as the river, the ocean and what not.. Every line is so beautifully crafted to leave the reader in a fantasy world..

    👏👏👏. Glad that I found you.

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