Writing the best poem ever

Here is a poem, written by my daughter for a competition. I would like to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy it like I did.

… * … * …

What would be the best poem ever written, you might ask
For such a thing as competitions exist
For an overthinker like me, I’ve taken up a rather daunting task
To express the world I see, hear and feel around me,
into merely a poem’s gist

From Dante to Milton, Wordsworth to Shelley
Must I attempt to encompass all their wisdom and creativity?
To think of one to be better than the other, would surely be a fallacy
For all they did was express their individuality, give a message universal to all humanity

Poetry isn’t just pretty words or lofty ideals on a piece of paper
It’s what makes us human, this power of expression is unique to our race in a way
So the next time, you lay out your soul bare on paper, or make your voice heard never falter
For this act of sharing a piece of yourself with the world, for centuries, is what has made the world what it is today

Ask yourself, what is it, that emanates from your soul?
What is it, that reflects your heart
What’re those inchoate thoughts, shaping into an idea, waiting to become whole
And transform tiny symbols on paper into a work of art

It doesn’t have to be a reflective sonnet or an ingenious allegory
It simply has to be something unique to yourself, and it’ll shine on its own
Never underestimate the power of words on paper, in many ways it runs today’s society
Why, isn’t it a privilege so great, that we as humans get to wield this power and make it into our own?

So, infuse your soul into shades only known to you,
Make that empty canvas into a masterpiece celebrating you,
Why look for art in the world all around you
When all the art you seek is already inside you

Write without fear, we live in a subjective world where everybody is a winner

Look within, and you shall find, hidden epiphanies and the key to writing the perfect rhyme

Isn’t merely being able to express one’s heart into words so beautiful already?

So for me, anybody who has put pen to paper is a winner already

– Divyashree Vaidya