Celebrating 3 years of Blogging!

Literature is a mirror to the world we live in. Our mundane routines, our struggles, our dreams and aspirations, our stories of hope and triumph are spread across the pages of literature.When we celebrate literature we are celebrating us, we are embracing ourselves with all our imperfections!
– Nehal

Hello Readers,
It’s a great pleasure to complete 3 years in this wonderful blogging world and I am immensely grateful to all of you for your love, warm wishes, blessings, visits, views, blog follow, encouraging words and staying put throughout this journey.
This blog celebrates moments of truth, moments of enlightenment, moments of great joy and deep pain; pain that liberates you, gives you strength to rise above the ashes and creates the ‘new you’, moments of happiness that need no reason,…..experienced and shared through the works of the great poets across the realms of place and time. What could I possibly add to it, I just mirror those moments and which multiplies its light many times to illuminate all our minds!
I don’t go by any plan when selecting poems for this blog, its a work of pure instinct. I don’t deny that sometimes it takes a lot of reading to come across ‘that chosen one’! But in that process I am being enriched by this struggle, finding that fountain of ‘pure joy’ within me again! Hope it does the same for you.
Thanks again

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