Every night I sneak out
Into the world,
The world of clones.
My body turns into a figure
I barely recognize​; face doesn’t reflect mine
My mouth speaks a ​different language
Only my soul sees it’s twin!
I almost fly
And do things which I have not imagined
Even in my wildest dreams.
I meet many other clones
I don’t know them by their names
they too are different from their real self
It becomes an adventurous journey
We talk, smile and hang out
with​ no connection to our past or future
We don’t need our identity.
I see lots and lots of them
Who wish to connect with other soul clones;
Happy to lose​ their selfhood,
Live in the present.
We don’t talk of
color, religion, race, ​region
We don’t argue to prove
anyone right or wrong
There are no battles to be won
Treasure and enshrine
Each other’s existence.
Life is beautiful.
Mornings pull me back into this
so-called​ real world
And I start waiting for the night.

my poems © Copyright 2019, Nehal