Plunging into Abstract! !

Suddenly I opened my eyes and found myself pressed against the wall by a shapeless, nameless darkness! It has just jumped out of me and now pushing me into a corner. Unable to find my hands ,tried to escape by running away. ..could not move . My legs being dissolved into a wall! I’m getting converted into an empty room! And the shapeless, nameless darkness spreading like a liquid inside, a thick , sluggish black liquid. I don’t feel the moisture instead feeling dry , burning! Feeling choked by the mere presence of it…the walls need to breath too! Where’s my ceiling,I wish to open it like a box and pour some sky into this empty room. The sky has also been converted into a heavy blue sea looming over this empty room. No sun to be found! What’s this place? I think the room has gone down to the bottom of the sea and opening up a ceiling is not helping to bring the sun in ! Surprisingly the sea is static , can’t feel the much needed waves to have a feeling of motion. Let me burn a desire! A flame of desire to cut through this cold frozen sea. To my disbelief the flame is burning but not moving at all ! It is like a painted flame..bright and shiny but lifeless! Sometimes motion is life , no ?? Before everything gets solidified let me creat something which can move ; creat out of this walls, which can come out , go upwards and bring the sky down. Let me plant a dream…should it not bring the sky and the sun and the wind for me, this empty room ! Dreams are plants , I have heard and can grow anywhere, in any land or water. I don’t know whether this walls are land or water, I hope they’re not air!! Does anything grow into the air? ? Certainly they’re no air else my desires would’ve been burning ferocious flames by now. Do dreams have roots too? If so they can crack open these walls. How about spreading the roots through floor of my being? ! Floors need foundation. I know sea beds have volcanoes , may lead to sunami sometimes. ..but that will blast everything out! And certainly that’s not life. Then how the first life ever appeared on this earth?was it a movement? Was it a desire? ! Was it a dream? !