ज़िंदगी – मोहम्मद इक़बाल

बरतर अज़ अंदेशा-ए-सूदो-ज़ियां है ज़िंदगी
है कभी जां और कभी तस्लीमे-जां है ज़िंदगी ।

तू इसे पैमाना-ए-इमरोज़ो-फ़रदा से न नाप
जावदां, पैहम रवां, हर दम जवां है ज़िंदगी ।

अपनी दुनिया आप पैदा कर अगर ज़िंदों में है
सिर्रे-आदम है ज़मीरे-कुल फ़का है ज़िंदगी ।

ज़िंदगानी की हक़ीक़त कोहकन के दिल से पूछ
जूए-शीरो-तेशा-व-संगे-गरा है ज़िंदगी ।

बंदगी में घुटके रह जाती है इक जू-ए-कम-आब
और आज़ादी में बहरें-बेकरां है ज़िंदगी ।

आशकारा है यह अपनी कुव्वते-तसखीर से
गरचे इक मिट्टि के पैकर में निहां है ज़िंदगी।

कुलज़मे-हस्ती से तू उभरा है मानन्दे हबाब
इस जयां-खाने में तेरा इम्तहां है ज़िंदगी ।

ख़ाम है जब तक कि है मिट्टी का इक अम्बार तू
पुख्ता हो जाए तो है शमशेरे-बे ज़िनहार तू ।

हो सदाकत के लिए जिस दिल में मरने की तड़प
पहले अपने पैकरे-ख़ाकी में जां पैदा करे ।

फूंक डाले यह ज़मीनो-आसमाने-मुस्तार
और खाकिस्तर से आप अपना जहां पैदा करें ।

ज़िंदगी की कुव्वते-पिनहां को कर दे आशकार
ता यह चिनगारी फ़रॊगॆ-जावदां पैदा करे ।

खाके मशरिक़ पर चमक जाए मिसाले-आफताब
ता बदख्शां फिर वही लाले-गरां पैदा करे ।

यह घड़ी महशर की है तू अरसा-ए-महशर में है
पेश कर गाफ़िल अमल कोई अगर दफ्तर में है ।
मोहम्मद इक़बाल

English translation by Kuldip Salil

Life transcends gain or loss
It sometimes means living, sometimes dying
Measure it not on the scale of day to day happening,
It is ever young and eternal, it is ever-flowing.
Create your own world if you want to be counted among living
The essence of past and present, life holds secret of human existence
Ask Farhad what life means
And you’ll learn that it is a hard stone, an axe and a stream of milk, all at once
In submission, its shallow stream dries up
When free, life is a boundless sea
Although it is contained in a vessel of clay
It is characterized by dominance and sway
From the ocean, like a bubble, you have emerged
And in this world of deflation your mettle is tested
You are nothing more than a heap of clay when you are raw
When ripe, you are a sharp rapier,
He who wants to live and die for truth
Must first acquire strength and power;
Let him burn this borrowed earth and sky
And out of the ashes, create his own world
The hidden strength of life must be find
And see the spark steady into eternal flame
let him shine on the eastern horizon like the sun
Until Badakhshan once again throws up the priceless ruby
Towards heaven, his nocturnal lament let him send
And among the stars his confidants win
It’s the day of judgment, and you are in the midst of it,
O careless one, show it now, if you have achieved something worthy anf fit.
Mohammad Iqbal [1877-1938]

According to Marco Polo Badakhshan was a province where Balas ruby could be found under the mountain ‘Syghinan’ . It was an important trading center.

Author: nehal

Physician by profession, I like to spend my spare time reading literature and philosophy, getting to know different cultures and exploring various forms of creative expressions,..paintings,music, photography, cinema, theatre, sculpture and of course poetry. I usually write in my mother tongue Gujarati and sometimes in Hindi and English. Nehal’s world is at the crossroads of my inner and outer worlds, hope you like the journey…

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