From the Books… : The Bullet Journal Method

From the Books I am Reading…

It was a cross between a planner, diary, notebook, to-do list, and sketchbook. It provided me with a practical yet forgiving tool to organize my impatient mind.

In the most connected time in history, we’re quickly losing touch with ourselves. Overwhelmed by a never-ending flood of information, we’re left feeling overstimulated yet restless, overworked yet discontented, tuned in yet burned out.

If the journey is the destination, then we must learn how to become better travelers

We tend to follow the path of least resistance, even when it leads away from the things we care about.

Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us. — Richie Norton

We need to understand what’s actually driving our motivation before we ascend.

As we begin to identify the things we’re drawn to, we can start properly defining our dreams, based on what we actually believe in.

Day by day, you’re deepening your self-awareness by becoming a steady witness to your story.

Left unchecked, decision fatigue can lead to decision avoidance.This is especially true for big life choices, which we tend to put off till the last minute.

Our notebook serves as a mental sanctuary where we are free to think, reflect, process, and focus.

We breath life into our thoughts by committing them to paper.

If our lives are oceans, then our days are waves; some big, some small. Your Bullet Journal is the shore, and it will be carved by both.

~ Ryder Carroll ( The Bullet Journal Method )