How you lost yourself

How you lost yourself

Hey, you.
yes you.
Wake up! Where have you been, all this while?
Staring away at screens, your conscience turning fragile
Do you even remember the last time when
someone looked into your eyes and gave you a genuine, warm smile?
Amidst the endless shooting colors and the light
pixels flashing from the device you hold so tight
you’re losing yourself.
In this age of ever-shrinking attention spans,
don’t you feel there’s something wrong
For someone who spends 3 hours on IG daily,
3 minutes of an IGTV are too long
When was the last time you
Lent someone a shoulder to cry on or
Held someone as you cried,
Vulnerable; felt a moment so pure
When was the last time you noticed your mom’s mood was down
Or spent an evening with your gran,
as she narrated timeless stories from across town.
When was the last time you noticed the quality of air around you
Noticed calls of the sunbird or the twilight sky’s everchanging hue
When was the last time you spent hours talking to a friend at night,
Or simply star-gazing, contemplating what’s wrong and what’s right?
What if I told you the stars and the void you gaze into
is nothing but the reflection of your soul?
Often ignored at first –
but in reality: a vast, infinite expanse waiting to be explored?
When was the last time you
spent even a minute with yourself, acknowledging that restless mind?
Were present in the moment for once, found a different way to unwind
Making yourself your number one priority-
I doubt if you even know what it is like to be in your own company.
Are you taking care of the sole thing that takes care of you –
If not, stop; don’t read any further,
take a moment or two
To ask yourself – are you unhappy when all alone,
does that thought make you fret?
Then it simply means you’re not in good company –
or maybe haven’t even gotten to know yourself well yet
It’s about time to stop scrolling,
swiping and living life off other’s views
All of who are trapped inside that screen,
and start having with yourself more rendezvous

  • Divyashree