I am in “now” like a hanging Dewdrop from a petal!

My dear readers,
As part of ongoing celebrations on completing five years, I posted poems written by famous writers of three different languages which were read by all of you in maximum numbers. Now for the second part of celebrations, I am posting poems written by me in all three languages (Gujarati, English, Hindi). Though I have written only a handful of poems, it gives me great pleasure while sharing with you as part of my creative journey. I hope you will enjoy it, too.

Growing Time  (Posted on  October 29, 2014)

Hanging wind-chimes of my,
leftover dreams;
half-written poems;
untold stories.
Decorating my windows of desires,
with their strange yet beautiful sounds.
Sometimes time grows into unheard melodies.

I am enough for me! (Posted on May 4, 2019)

After crossing fifty
I have come to realize…
Dreams are
What we live every day
And not something that we will achieve someday in the future.
There is no timeline for happiness,
It surprises you when you’re expecting it the least
Same is true for success.
Love, I no longer chase you
I feel your magical presence within me
No rewards, no expectations, conditions not applied!
Keep flowing naturally, freely.
Beauty, it is not to be searched
in the mirror or in someone’s eyes
You are in my mind in my heart
Making my life & the world around me beautiful
I don’t need to please anyone
To make my self complete.
Achievements, what are they?
To be happy, peaceful and complete
I am enough for me!


World of Clones (Posted on August 12, 2019)

Every night I sneak out
Into the world,
The world of clones.
My body turns into a figure
I barely recognize​; face doesn’t reflect mine
My mouth speaks a ​different language
Only my soul sees it’s twin!
I almost fly
And do things which I have not imagined
Even in my wildest dreams.
I meet many other clones
I don’t know them by their names
they too are different from their real self
It becomes an adventurous journey
We talk, smile and hang out
with​ no connection to our past or future
We don’t need our identity.
I see lots and lots of them
Who wish to connect with other soul clones;
Happy to lose​ their selfhood,
Live in the present.
We don’t talk of
color, religion, race, ​region
We don’t argue to prove
anyone right or wrong
There are no battles to be won
Treasure and enshrine
Each other’s existence.
Life is beautiful.
Mornings pull me back into this
so-called​ real world
And I start waiting for the night.


Belonging (Posted on November 27, 2018)

The wind is blowing no more

The fallen leaves are resting

After landing now

They’re making a crunchy sound as I walk on them

The naked tree is coming to terms

With its bare-all look.

No longer trying to hide from the nearby bench

exchanging glances with the flowing creek

The trail is blazing bright with

Red, orange leaves

I am getting ready to walk on fire on a freezing day

The trail is the only color left

In this grey landscape

The rising Sun, shivering

Takes a flicker or two

From the trail

To burn for the day ahead.

The leaves have decided to live

Unapologetically, or it seems to me so.

Happy to be settled on a trail,

Adorn it with a red, orange hue

Leaving trees longing for them

To come back to them soon.

A little bird

looks puzzled, wonders


fallen leaves and the tree

what is ‘belonging ‘ to

something, someone, somewhere

all about??


(Dedicated to The Timber Creek)

Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2018, Nehal


An Eternal bond! (Posted on December 30, 2017)

When I Spoke to the Sky;
My journey to love ends with you!
He covered me from all over
Went into hiding behind a moon, stars, rainbows,
clouds,…never showed his real face!

When I told the wind;
I dreamt of being with you!
A robust companion, I see in you.
He scattered me all over
Taking all my strength away

When I confessed to the Sun;
You’re the light of my love!
He evaporated all my dreams,
Burning away all my desires.

When I went to the river
Offered my heart in love
She washed me away with her flow
Taking me away from my roots.

And when I touched the earth in love;
Opened my heart and soul to her.
She embraced me with all her strength
Nurturing me from my roots
Gave me a whole sky to grow
A shower of rain for my thirst
A gentle breeze to join me in the eternal dance
And Sun came to me
Offering an eternal bond of love!

Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2017, Nehal


Sun rays (Posted on December 22, 2017)

The way Sun rays travel
the green fog
Luminous pathways
The mountains
And valleys
My sparkling soul
It’s a journey
This universe
In an enchanting
Dancing, swirling
Magic Dust
Of smile
And kindness.
Up, among clouds
Reaching for the stars
And slowly
In to them
Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2017, Nehal


An evening at the Sea (Posted on December 3, 2017)

it’s late in the evening.
Stars have started to appear.
waves are small and scattered. ..
still chasing each other to meet !
The sea is a grey reflection of the sky above!
why does grey makes us sad, fills our hearts with melancholy!
I think grey is more neutral and real in this world of black and white!
The sky and the sea
are in a reflection mode ,
going through the day’s events!
Stars are the memorable moments
And the brightest memory of the Sun
is shining like the moon above!
Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2017, Nehal


Piano (Posted on September 23, 2016)

When you play the piano…..
Raindrops dance on the water
Flowers glide gently in the air
The autumn leaves waltz
The evenings become brighter
The breeze flows fragrant
My mind
Bathes in your melody
washes away all marks of the day
Shines fresher again
Sorted and calm as ever
My heart
Fills with beauty
Starts beating in harmony
It is a perfect ending to my day!
Night begins with
A starry sky
Writing your musical notes
Sparkling high
And make my dreams sound
So beautiful!

Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2016, Nehal


A drifting Log (Posted on January 27, 2017)


Like a drifting log

Flows forward, downstream

Rocks and stones on the shore

Push it, detour it, force it to pause

Make it whirl and dance in the

Gushing currents!

Why call it a journey!

Why contemplate destination!

Many such drifting logs

Flow along the way

Clashing, chasing, parting away


The baggage that the river loads them


and the same river unloads it all!

A singing bird may enjoy a ride or two

But it doesn’t dream of nests on a log.

Change is the moving force.

Though the sky sets up mornings and evenings,

spring, summer, and autumn along the way

For a Log

flow is the time

and current is the season.

Ocean; maybe an end to the journey

for a river,

But not for a log!!


Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2017, Nehal

My Treasure (Posted on February 28, 2016)

I save your music for my
rainy-day songs;
Save your sunshine for my
petals and thorns;
Save your clouds for my
deserts and storms;
Save your smile for the
candles that light up the dark corners of my soul;
Save your strings of waves
to lace up my mundane days that drag along;
Save your breeze
for my nights that stand silent and alone!

Poetry, my poems © Copyright 2016, Nehal