Anushka, she is a medical student and young, upcoming poet. There is depth, sensitivity and philosophical undertones in her expressions. There is innocence and honesty in her writings.I wish her continuing journey on creative path and success in her future endeavours.

Blue and Green

One gloomy day I took

To cleaning up my room.

I cleaned the glass, I cleaned the doors

I cleaned the whole wardrobe.

Then I took to cleaning

The items scattered across the room.

I reverently cleaned the portrait of God;

I lovingly cleaned the family photos.

Since years, there has been a globe

In the corner of my desk.

The world never spared a glance

Even when just in my reach.

I sit in the chair facing it,

Wrinkling my nose I take it up.

Layers of dirt and grim on the Earth,

I sigh and take up my cleaning cloth.

I rub and rub and rub

But the blue and green is not seen,

It’s all grey and black as it had been.

But I still rub, trying.

I sit on the desk to get a better grip,

Wet my cloth and start again.

Still no blue and green;

It’s me who is getting dirty.

My cloths are ruined,

My nails are ugly,

My palms are disgusting,

But the Globe is not clean.

I believe a bath would do me good.

Maybe I could give one to the globe too.

Gangajal purifies”, I hear.

I buy some from the market.

I use it to try clean the Globe.

Use some to cleanse myself too.

But alas, to no avail!

For I feel no different

And the Globe not blue and green.

  • Anushka Dipak Prajapati ( From ‘Spilt Ink’, 2018)

(Gangajal = water from holy Ganges)