Neglected Poems – Gulzar

A Poem Perched On a Moment

A poem perched on a moment
Imprisoned in a butterfly net
Then its wings cut off
To keep it pinned in an album:
If this is not injustice, what is?

Entangled in the paper the moments are mummified
Only the colours of the poem remain on my fingertips!
_ Gulzar
From Neglected Poems
Translated by Pavan K Varma

. . . . . . . .

लम्हों पर बैठी नज़्मों को

लम्हों पर बैठी नज़्मों को
तितली जाल में बंद कर लेना
फिर, काट के पर उन नज़्मों को
अल्बम में ‘पिन’ करते रहना
जुल्म नहीं तो और क्या है?

लम्हे काग़ज़ पर गिर के ममियाये जाते है
नज़्मों के रंग रह जाते है पोरों पर!!
– गुलज़ार




Author: nehal

Physician by profession, I like to spend my spare time reading literature and philosophy, getting to know different cultures and exploring various forms of creative expressions,..paintings,music, photography, cinema, theatre, sculpture and of course poetry. I usually write in my mother tongue Gujarati and sometimes in Hindi and English. Nehal’s world is at the crossroads of my inner and outer worlds, hope you like the journey…

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