Sat by the water for hours. Watched nothing but water.
how it was spelt out by light:

Its mass like silk blown in slow-moving wind.

or the glitter of fisted diamonds that flickered and
as the waves caught the light
from the bounce of the sun and I squinted my eyes
and saw everyone

of those diamonds that tickled and swam.

or how the light lay like a curve
in a ripple of time, on that wet pool
and I thought of a painter
jig-sawing brushstrokes of yellow
over the salty-sea blue.

From New Poems on the Underground

Edited by Gerard Benson, Judith Chernaik, Cicely Herbert.

























Author: nehal

Physician by profession, I like to spend my spare time reading literature and philosophy, getting to know different cultures and exploring various forms of creative expressions,..paintings,music, photography, cinema, theatre, sculpture and of course poetry. I usually write in my mother tongue Gujarati and sometimes in Hindi and English. Nehal’s world is at the crossroads of my inner and outer worlds, hope you like the journey…

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