About this Blog ​(Now)​

Our outer space is dark territory. Unless we are self-illuminating, we become a part of this darkness. We can light a matchstick, a candle, a lantern or a bulb on this earth but in outer space, only the Sun and the Stars who have their own light can light up the universe.

I always believed that darkness occupies enormous area be it in our physical world or our inner, spiritual world. And that darkness becomes the truth of our life unless we become self-illuminated with the knowledge of our real self. And all our efforts of fighting that darkness outside or inside are always inadequate; even the Sun gets covered with dark clouds. For the good people, right people their self-doubt or doubts about the path they have taken make them inseparable from the evil or the wrong ones.
This world, our human race, has been fighting against this darkness since ages and yet, that struggle continues everywhere; be it at an individual level or affecting the large population at a particular time.

There are no types of this darkness, they all merge from everywhere and appear as one, while light you can get all levels of illumination from just a flicker to the sun itself.Words are the best tools to express ourselves, to share our gleam with others, to reflect the lambency of others and to ignite the sparkle within.The Darkness takes the form of ignorance, hatred, violence, destruction and so on. To fight it we need the self-illuminating glow of wisdom, love, peace, non-violence, and creativity.

This blog is a minuscule effort in the direction of creating that light.

I hope you all like it.

~ Nehal

It is like collecting fireflies in a jar!


Essay, my essays © Copyright 2019, Nehal

6 thoughts on “About this Blog ​(Now)​

  1. ઉદયનભાઈ ની પોસ્ટ દ્વારા આપના બ્લોગ વિષે જાણ્યું.શાંતિ થી વાંચીશ પછી ટહૂકીશ.આનંદ.આભાર.


  2. Dear Nehal,
    we absolutely agree. On the other hand don’t we need the polarity of light and darkness for being creative, for understanding reality?
    With love from the northern sea
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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