Poems : Bing Xin

Infinite Stars

The infinite stars are twinkling—
The dark blue sky,
Why have I never heard their whispers?
In the tranquility,
And in the eclipsed light,
They express their encomiums sincerely

Human beings!
Learn to love each other,
We are all travelers on the long voyage
To the same destination.

My friends!
Why do you think me taciturn?
There is something in the world
Beyond words.

My heart,
Like the solitary boat,
Navigates across
The heaving ocean of time.

The string outside the window
Plucks my heart.
Why is the melody lingering?
It’s the timeless tree’s murmur
The boundless moon light.


Who creates the new continent?
Not the enormous rolling waves,
But the tiny sands beneath it.

My childhood friends:

Sea waves,

Hill shadows,

Resplendent evening glows,

Solemn and stirring trumpets;

Why are we parted

From them nowadays?

Delicate grass!

Be proud of yourself,

Only you can decorate every corner

Of the world

Poems — though bits and pieces —

Are sprays of the sea of learning;

They are also brilliantly embedded,

Like infinite stars,

In the heaven of my

Innermost being.


My little hut,

With daisy growing on the thatch


I would feel the independence

Of the universe!


The most silent moment,

Is after putting the pen up,

Before writing the thought down.


Tell me the way,

My friends!

I am the sea swallow

Across the sea,

Looking for my nest

On the other side of the ocean.

~Bing Xin ( 1900-1999 )

source : poetbingxin.blogspot.com

5 thoughts on “Poems : Bing Xin

  1. સહજ તરાપે તરું

    એવું તે શું કરું ? સકળ આ શાંત શાંત થઈ જાય !
    કયો કરિશ્મા કરું ? ચરાચર કાન્ત કાન્ત થઈ જાય !
    કેટકેટલા રંગ રમે છે ! કેટકેટલા રૂપ !
    કેટકેટલી આંખે ઊડે અકળ તેજના ધૂપ !
    તણખા એવા ઝરું અખિલ આ ઝળાં ઝળાં થઈ જાય !
    સાકર થઈને ભળું બધાંયે ગળ્યાં ગળ્યાં થઈ જાય !
    કેટકેટલા ગુંજન-ગાણાં, ટૌકા-કલરવ-છંદ !
    અંધકારને તારે તારે રણકે તારક-સ્પંદ !
    સહજ તરાપે તરું સરોવર લહર લહર થઈ જાય !
    એમ શબ્દમાં સરું, મૌન પણ સભર સભર થઈ જાય !
    કણ કણ કુસુમિત હાસ ધરાનું, શ્વાસે શ્વાસે સુવાસ !
    ઊંડે ઊંડે અંદર કોઈ રહ્યું રમાડી રાસ !
    પંખાળો જો બનું, ઘરેઘર ગગન ગગન થઈ જાય !
    એવાને અબ મળું, ભવેભવ મગન મગન થઈ જાય !

    …… ચંદ્રકાંત શેઠ

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  2. Something is always same about us humans, we are living the same life with different times and eras. New things come and go while something else becomes new. Inside at the core, we remain the same.

    Literature presents an opportunity to look at things in a different way.

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    1. True, when we read works of different writers across the globe, across the centuries, what we realise that at the core we all are just the same and that pleasant revelation is the eternal truth, filling us with immense joy!


      1. Yes whichever culture and whichever era, it has been the same for humans at the core of it. The basic emotions and feelings remain the same. So much surprising comparing to what we believe as very evolved smart and modern humans we are yet the same.

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