Woman with Eyes Wide Open : Alejandra Pizarnik

Woman with Eyes Wide Open

life plays in the plaza

with the self I never was

and here I am

my thoughts dance

on the tightrope of my smile

and everyone says this happened and is



my heart

opens the window


here I am

my life

my lone numbed blood

resonates in the world

still I want to know myself alive

still I do not wish to speak

of death

or its strange hands.

~Alejandra Pizarnik ( Born: 29 April 1936Died: 25 September 1972 )

(Translated from the Spanish by Cecilia Rossi)

“Woman with Eyes Wide Open” © Myriam Pizarnik,
Estate of Alejandra Pizarnik, English Translation © Cecilia Rossi,
published in The Last Innocence / The Lost Adventures (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2019).