T’s Diary (7)


Birthdays,.. why do we celebrate them? Some years added? We come into this world unplanned, no one asked us in which era we would like to be born here! Neither can we decide our place of birth nor choose our parents! Then, what is so great about it? It’s biological, ok may be an emotional event for my parents when I was born. For many years, I was clueless about my existence here and the purpose of my being here so I can say that I didn’t make the most out of this precious human life given to me! And now, after so many years; to be precise 27years; when I know how valuable this mortal life is, what difference am I making to my life or in this world? And if this life is so precious then why celebrate just one particular day, let us celebrate each and every day that we spend here.
But we human beings like to label everything conveniently, and instead of celebrating life, we are celebrating birthdays, and that’s precisely what I hate about it.
Enough of philosophy, to be honest since morning I was expecting a call from my dad ( as he calls up every year on my birthday in the morning).He didn’t call; I was becoming restless till the time mom and I went to the restaurant for breakfast. What a surprise! He was there, waiting for me! Somewhere deep inside I felt good, happy. He was looking tired, he must have traveled a lot to reach here. But his eyes were sparkling with a warm smile, and it felt just perfect when he hugged me! After so many years I was celebrating my birthday with both my parents together who are actually responsible for me being here in this world. Mom was happy too, she knows I miss my dad most of the times. We sat quietly for some time, then my dad and I went for a walk. I wanted to talk to him about a lot of things. I remember when I was a small kid he used to play with me during our holidays and those were the best holidays!


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