T’s Diary (6)


Today morning was a pleasant surprise! Though I wanted to sleep till late morning, woke up to a familiar smell of mom-made breakfast! She keeps keys of my apartment with her and sometimes she does visit me unannounced. I was all smiles when she gave me my favorite dish in bed! That was just a perfect beginning of the long weekend till I learned that she had come to pick me up and we are going to drive to a nearby beach resort. I hate the idea of traveling once I have decided to snuggle up in my bed with my favorite books the whole day.
She was successful in convincing me that it would be relaxing and we would go for a great spa therapy together! So, reluctantly I got ready, and by lunchtime, we reached here. And what a chain of surprises; ‘A’ and his parents are also here, they naturally joined us for lunch, and I felt somehow Mom knew about this!
Is she also waiting for me to say yes to ‘A’? We do talk about my boyfriends, my breakups and she knows that I have become a close friend of ‘A’ over these 3-4 years. She is not a typical mom for sure as she never forces me to settle down with someone suitable and all that crap!
After lunch, mom joined A’s parents for some entertainment show here in the resort, and I went for a walk with A. It was pleasant, and I felt refreshed. I thanked my mom for dragging me here, I would have never planned it so quickly! He just smiled and surprisingly did not talk about us at all! All we talked about was our next hiking trip, the new camera he is planning to buy before that, his landlady’s new dog, a new recipe book he purchased on Amazon for cooking some exotic quick meals and his new gym trainer!!
When we don’t talk about ‘Love’ it is there, very much present, palpable and you can feel it! I enjoyed our walk together.


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