T’ s Diary (5)


A‘s Diary
Sometimes I feel I know T inside-out, and sometimes she’s an entirely different person, whom I doubt,  do I know her at all?!
Tomorrow is her birthday, and I know she hates to celebrate it. But this year I wanted to make it a unique celebration for her, I was trying to surprise her but she hates surprises also. So I am planning a kind of family reunion. I have requested her mom to pick her up from her apartment and drive her here to this beautiful beach resort. And I picked my mom-dad, they are thrilled to be here, eagerly waiting to meet T. I called up T’s Dad also, he has promised to join us tomorrow.
All I want for her is happiness; as She is allergic to the word ‘Love’!
When I indirectly expressed my desire to marry her she was in total denial. When I said; “we can just start living-in and when you’re ready we’ll get married.” She was furious. She thinks the ​”live-in” relationship is an insult to someone’s existence. And marriage is a kind of ‘trap’! She is afraid of losing her identity. She sometimes becomes too critical of everything and everyone, tries to analyze my each and every word, (even I don’t remember most of them!) I don’t know how to make her believe in ‘love’!
Love is such a wonderful feeling and all she thinks that it is a weakness of mind; A selfishness celebrated, self-centered thought covered in all beautiful words.


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