T’s Diary (3)


Oh! I don’t know why I am writing all these to you, analyzing our relationship?! I think when we will officially break up, I will gift this to you so that you can see my perspective. I value your friendship and don’t want to lose you as a dear friend but adding a romantic angle to it you have created a suffocating situation for me! You see a perfect life partner in me for you and you have tried to convince me on that so many times in a way too obvious manner!
I respect your parents, their journey and the sacrifices they have made for you. Also, I know their expectations from you and your future bride. They have shown their affection towards me frequently, and you are pleased with that. It becomes easy for a boy and his parents to decide upon a girl who is sensitive, mature, caring, friendly, etc. But for me, honestly, it’s a trap! I don’t see any possibility for my personal growth. With all due respect to them but I am not the kind of girl they would want for their son.
Have you ever tried to analyze your feelings for me? What do you mean when you say you love me? What do you think love is all about?


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