T’s Diary (2)


Dear Diary or should I write Dear ‘A’? Why I need to address someone? Is it that I need to tell you something which I can not express when we meet, almost every day? We know each other for the last 3-4 years, and we share so many likes and dislikes, our passion, our ambitions, our desires, our joys, our sorrows and so on. Is it not enough? Our human mind, brain, heart whatever you call it, has so many layers or so we create around it!
I know you are fond of me, you care for me a lot. You often say that you are attracted to my intelligence first and my looks after that. Is it a strong enough bond for our relationship that we can go forward to a lifelong commitment of marriage? I saw you that day looking at ‘W’ ( she looked stunning that night)in awe, at ‘U’ s housewarming party. Am I jealous and hence in doubt? No. Tomorrow there will be n number of ‘W’s around you, are you sure what you want from life? And from your life-partner? People, though they talk of intellectual company and wavelength match, etc. End up falling for physical beauty! There is Nothing wrong in it. But then why get involved with a girl like me?! Who doesn’t give a damn about her looks ( I know I am Beautiful, my mother says so and I know she doesn’t lie, but she is unconventional :)! )


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