Amen- कुछ और नज़्में


Give everything away—
Ideas, breath, vision, thoughts.
Peel off words from the lips,
and sounds from the tongue.
Wipe off
the lines from the palms.
Give up your ego,
for you are not yourself.
Take off
the body beautiful
from your soul.
Finish your prayers,
say Amen!
And surrender the soul.
– Gulzar ( from Autumn Moon)
Translated by Dr J P Das

Dr J P Das is a poet, playwright and well-known fiction writer. His Oriya writing has been widely translated into English, Hindi and other Indian languages. His own translations of poetry into English include Love is a Season, Timescapes, Silences, Under a Silent Sun (with Arlene Zide) and Growing an Indian Star (with Catherine Clément).

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ख़्याल, साँस, नज़र, सोच, खोलकर दे दो
लबों से बोल उतारो, ज़ुबाँ से आवाज़ें
हथेलियों से लकीरें उतारकर दे दो
हाँ, दे दो अपनी ‘खुदी’ भी कि ‘खुद’ नहीं हो तुम
उतारो रूह से यह जिस्म का हसीं गहना
उठो दुआ से तो ‘आमीन’ कहके रूह दे दो।

– गुलज़ार (‘कुछ और नज़्में’)

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